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About Us

We are a consulting structural engineering design firm specializing in the structural design of non-building structures, mechanical and electrical equipment support structures, and photovoltaic system support structures. Our services include design, investigation and reports, calculations, detailed drawings, specifications, and construction support. The firm’s expertise covers all principal structural systems, including timber, steel, masonry, and concrete. 

Our engineers and staff are extremely knowledgeable about and experienced with not only the California Building Code structural requirements but also with special codes and requirements for unique photovoltaic structures. We employ the latest design techniques, computer software applications, and engineering concepts. The firm strives to develop designs that utilize the maximum benefit of materials in order to minimize structural construction costs. 

Our Policy

Safe Structural Engineering Inc. is dedicated to quality, professionalism, and uncompromising service. In every assignment we take, our focus is to provide the highest quality engineering services in a professional and timely manner and ultimately meet the client’s needs as efficiently and economically as possible. 

Our strength lies in the combined credentials, technical expertise, and experience 

of our engineers and team members. Safe Structural Engineering Inc. is comprised of an outstanding team of dedicated professionals specializing in: 

  • Structural & Architectural Engineering Services 

  • Custom Homes 

  • Third-Party Review Services 

  • Forensic Investigations 

  • Research Oriented Special Projects 

Our Expertise


Our Clients

Our clients have been a variety of small and large, private and public entities. Over the years we have proudly served some of the most well-known firms and agencies in California including: 

  • Corona Del Mar Development (SC) 

  • Los Angeles Airport 

  • ExxonMobil 

  • NASA 

  • Alpha Structural Engineers

  • MRH Structural Engineers

  • Parlee Engineering

  • Ramcon Oil & Gas Construction

  • Pete Architects

  • Several Municipal Building Departments 

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