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Why Choose Us

At Safe Structural Engineering Inc., as a leading structural engineering company in the Los Angeles area, we offer innovative and top-of-the-line services, and always go the extra mile for our clients in order to make sure they’re satisfied with:

  • The Quality of our engineering services,

  • The Speed at which your project is delivered, and also

  • Our Prices are the most reasonable and affordable and transparent in the market


As many of our clients tell us, we beat every engineering firm they had contacted or worked with, in all three aspects; Price, Speed, and Quality! 

Home Exterior

Top Quality Engineering Services

Superior High Speed Project Delivery

The Most Reasonable and Affordable
and Transparent Prices in The Market

Our Strength

Our strength lies in the combined credentials, technical expertise, and experience 

of our engineers and team members. Safe Structural Engineering Inc. is comprised of an outstanding team of dedicated professionals specializing in: 

  • Structural & Architectural Engineering Services 

  • Custom Homes 

  • Third-Party Review Services 

  • Forensic Investigations 

  • Research Oriented Special Projects

  • Design & analysis of DSA projects

  • Steel Canopy

  • Commercial office buildings

  • Conducting structural analysis of wood residential and commercial projects

  • Hillside buildings design & analysis

  • Seismic retrofit of existing buildings and apartments

  • Retaining walls design

  • Design of excavation concrete segmental tunnel lining of subway and traffic tunnels

  • Tunnel initial support and shaft support

  • Subway station

  • Tunnel construction inspection

  • Design of steel and concrete structures

  • Retaining structures

  • Foundation

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